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Letter to our Community:

September 2023

To our fellow lovers of fresh and local food,

This Fall we are relocating our small farm stand to a new, permanent home at 570 West Pioneer Blvd. This new location presents us with exciting opportunities to serve you even better. We will be more than just a Farm Stand. We will strive to be your new local grocer!

The main goal of this new location will be to expand on what you already love from us. This space has a large floor space, kitchen area, commercial refrigerator and freezer, and we plan to utilize all of it! Having this space will allow us to make connections with more small farms and bring in more produce, more often. We will of course have a regular supply of microgreens and other greens that we grow on-site, and at our farm in Moapa.

As we secure the necessary permits and licenses, we will be able to offer frozen meat and use the kitchen to make a range of pre-made salads, sides, and meals using the same ingredients that we are offering to you, our customers, in the store.

We are working with Clark County, the City of Mesquite and Southern Nevada Health Department to be able to use the kitchen as a SHARED space. This means we will invite guest chefs and food trucks to make their specialties to sell, either as pre-made, take-home meals or as hot and fresh when permitted. We will also invite cottage food entrepreneurs to use the kitchen to expand their jams/jellies/
pickles/salsas/breads and other cottage businesses, which will also allow them to sell in the store.

As always, our focus is on small farmers. We will source a majority of our products from Nevada as well as regionally from Southern Utah, Arizona, California, and occasionally further afield.

Thank you for your patience as we grow into our new space. And thank you, as always for your continued support. We feel so lucky to have found you.

****If you are a local producer/maker and would like to have your produce or or product featured on our shelves, please feel free to contact us through our Contact page.****

Ika Greens

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